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CE Media provides its clients with complete turn-key solutions for web presence and social media development. Clients can expect not only a clean, attractive and functional web site, but also back-end automations to assist in their purpose- whether to increase audience, collect customer leads, enable survey-to-CRM solutions, or provide digital or physical content for sale.

The owner, Chris Santiago is a former infantry Marine, founder of a non-profit The Blackfoot Fund, current student, financial analyst for the Navy, Board Member and COO 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation, stock market enthusiast, investor, father, and small-time web developer.

CE Media has helped clients operate with great efficiency, accuracy and ease- while providing a fully functioning and attractive website. Best of all, we do it at small-time prices!

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100 Entrepreneurs Project

100 Entrepreneurs Project



Mindful Profits

Mindful Profits


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We can help you integrate an e-commerce platform into your existing site or create a new site around it

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